Well, we can’t say we are not excited to share the new songs with you. That would be a lie. I have never told a lie in my life. Except for that time when I was George Washington.

OKAY, on to real things! We are super, super excited to announce our new EP, which is out next Monday, 6.30.14 is available to stream via NPR affiliate opbmusic.org! They’re giving you the first listen, so head over listen to the tracks a bunch and get amped for the release show at Mississippi Studios. (FREE SHOW!!). Check out what Matt at OPB has to say about the EP here.

This week will be a flurry of getting a hundred things ready for our special day, but I will try to keep reviews and links and things posted as they develop. Keep checking back in!

Huge thanks to Gustav and crew at 94.7/94.7 Too, for spinning the title track (digitally)! They’ll be featuring it on the day of the release/show at 2pm, so be sure to tune in or stream it online.

We’ve also heard it on XRAY.fm, and KZME, locally. (let us know if we’ve missed any).

Here’s what Sean at Indie Artist Magazine had to say about the EP: Indie Mag Feature

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