Well don’t I just look like a rascal, flat on his hide with a bucket of crud?!

Sorry for the slow posts on here. Been busy, gang. But that means new stuff to share! MOST importantly: Our new EP “Great. Okay.” is coming out 6/30! Doing the release show at Mississippi Studios for The Portland Mercury’s Ear Candy shows, which means it’s COMPLETELY FREE!!! ALSO great news, our main dudes Animal Eyes are playing, as well as Bear & Moose. It’s gonna rock.

More on that soon. Here’s what you might’ve missed recently:

94.7 played the title track from our new EP, along with a super nice shout out from Gustav! I could listen to that guy say anything, and I bet it’d sound cool. So you can imagine hearing his smooth, soothing…smoothing, if you will, voice talk about us was something of a trip!

Local coolass, Ben Hubbird has also been “spinning” the track over on his XRAY.fm show. If you don’t know about XRAY.fm, you aren’t from these parts. It’s ONLY Portland’s coolest new online radio station, run by a bunch of rad PDX DJs/musicians/scenesters. If you want to learn more or pledge to their cause click here.

Two weeks ago we had the honor to play for OPBmusic and OPB‘s Stagepass Series, along with Modern Kin at Mississippi Studios. It was such a fun show, and there should be a video or two surfacing before too long. We’ll be sure to post it EVERYWHERE once it’s available. Also, go see Modern Kin. Real dynamic trio of talented folks.

Just got one of the nicest reviews from Drunken Werewolf over in the UK. They posted our video for Paper Cage. Go check it out and see what they had to say here:


I’m sure I missed something, but that’s a good feel for what we’ve been up to in the wizarding world of music. Your support is magic, and as Voldemort keyed, “magic is might.”

love you,

PS I forgot to MAY-ke more May-themed puns. MAY-be I’m not the MAY-or of puns, but I MAY have a gift for diction May-hem. I am as proud as the MAY-ne of a MAY-ple thoroughbred…Sorry I guess I MAY-med that one a bit. Mayhaps this is the end. For now. (MAY!).

Please enjoy this list of celebrities named “May”:

Also “Aunt May” from Spiderman.