Hey friends,

Happy Holidays! Did an acoustic cover of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” just for some fun. Yes, sad songs are fun to me. Get stuffed.


ONLY JOKING! Love you guys. Hope you’re all staying warm for the winter. Also hoping we get some solid snow here in Portland. Maybe I should have covered “White Christmas.” Damn. NEXT year. Just remember the real meaning of Christmas/The holidays this year–gettin’ some dope-ass presents! Nah, go do something nice for someone. That’s pretty cool.

Also decided to take a Ken Burns/Haunted Mansion approach over on Youtube:



We’ve got two more shows left for the year– 12/21 in Hilsboro at Rock Creek McMenamins, and 12/23 back in PDX at Valentines. Playing that one with our good buds Fanno Creek (have you checked out their new album yet? It’s bonkers, and I don’t even use that word ever), also joined by Black is Bright. Should be superfantastic!

Here are a couple solid holiday tips to get you in the right mood: Grab a copy* of Elf, Home Alone and Kelly’s Clarkson’s Christmas album (not joking, she KILLED it). Marshmallow Vodka and hot chocolate. And if you’re SUPER bummed out, Bright Eyes has a pretty downer Christmas CD…and maybe JUST the Marshmallow Vodka. 😉 There are also plenty of groups that help homeless or families who need a little cheer around the holidays. It feels pretty rad to help other people feel rad.

*I don’t know how to “grab a copy” of movies anymore. Everything is closing down. AM I AN OLD GUY BECAUSE I USED THAT PHRASE?!?!


See you all soon and we hope your holidays aren’t lame!

-Chandler and the dudes


Photo Credit: City of Portland Archives. “NE 19th & Weidler Snow Storm Damage” A2004-002.730.