Happy Halloween!

Well, even though we seemed to hit every road block with this music video, it’s finally done! This is our first, so please watch/enjoy/share the hell out of it. It’s pretty spooky though–what with all the love/marriage scenes! Am I right, fellas?! (ehh).

Big thanks to Eric and Vanessa Mortinson, as well as the crew who helped make this happen. The talented actress is Paige McKenzie, better known as “Sunshine” in The Haunting of Sunshine (she’s a youtube superstar). Check out her videos if you want to see some actually scary stuff. Paranormal activity, etc. Let’s get this one up on TRL!

Video Credits:

Directed By: Eric Mortinson and Vanessa Mortinson
Edited By: Eric Mortinson
Set Design and Art Direction: Vanessa Mortinson
Production Assistants: Cameron Smith and Tim Johnson
Featuring: Just Lions
Chandler Strutz as The Groom
Paige McKenzie/Sunshine as The Bride
Spencer Alexander as The Monster
Wil Hoskin as The Minister
Photography by: Wil Hoskin


Really can’t wait to play our first Doug Fir show on 11/8. The UK band we were set to play with cancelled their tour, but now it’s a super rad local lineup. Which means more people will show up and it’ll be a few bucks cheaper. Everybody wins! We’re still up first, opening for Symmetry/Symmetry and Alexander Tragedy. Check both of these bands out before you come rock with us!

Had a great October–celebrated our latest EP release at Mississippi Studios. If you haven’t checked out Paper Cage, please head over to Bandcamp and pick your price. Pick free if you’re broke like me. We just want you to have, listen, potentially love. Totally a vanity thing, guys. But what isn’t these days?! Thanks to everyone who’s already downloaded/shared it!

Played fun shows at Boon’s Treasury in Salem, as well as Holocene. Both shows I was sporting a sprained right wrist and left thumb, making it the second most rock n roll thing I’ve ever done in my life…also just the second rock n roll thing I’ve ever done in my life. Taking the time now to heal up proper. Lots of icing and soaking in Epsom Salts, eating more Halloween candy. The works! Gonna be shred ready for the Doug Fir.


Thanks for all the love! Hope you enjoy our first ever music video. Sorry if it’s too SPOOKY. Make sure this Halloween you’re trick or treating yo self! (just treating…probably not a good idea to trick yourself).