Checking in on our special guys and special gals!

Things are staying crazy busy on the Just Lions front. Here’s a “quick” recap:

Stoked to be a part of this year’s PDX Pop Now! Compilation! They picked our song “Monsters” to represent the local scene, along with a myriad of talented acts (Some of our favorites include Radiation City, Animal Eyes, Sama Dams, and Aan). Brady and I went to the release party, and were both into Wishyunu’s set. Check that band out if you’re feeling sexy.

Played a killer show at Rontoms to a great crowd. Our reigning hero, Todd Walberg snapped some great photos of the night. Really captured the “hot and fiery” feel of the night.

Rontomslights Rontoms Rontomsfire

Went to some of WOM festival this year–another rad, completely word of mouth lineup, put on by Animal Eyes. Also caught Radiation City’s CD release show at the Wonder, which was impressive. Definitely go snag their album and get to feeling good about feeling bad. Some real summer jams in there. Dug Minden‘s set when I saw them at Rontoms, and then again, all decked out for the 4th. Aan was the last-minute opener at the Rontoms show. Those guys are rad. Probably ended up at a dozen more The We Shared Milk Shows in the meantime. Lots of great things going on in the musical community.


In media news:

“Monsters” has been getting a little play on the interwebs and radio stations.

Stereofox writer Ivo gave our track some love and attention at his will. And baby, you can’t imagine how it makes me feel! Find his really nice words and a free download of the song here:

Thanks to Jordan from IndiexMusic for posting our song “Farewell” on his music blog–always feel like that song gets written off for being slower. If you want a killer playlist of new songs head to:

I’m not sure if I included Backseat Mafia (UK) in my last blog, but I definitely posted about them everywhere else. Nick was kind enough to write a great review of “Monsters” on their site. Check out what he had to say here:


Onto current things–Congrats to drummer Andy and Sasha, who just got married over the weekend. Really lovely ceremony at an awesome location in the Gorge. Fun people. We’re all really happy for their happiness. However, if you’ve always wanted to ask Andy out, then you SHOULDA PUT A RING ON IT. (but they’ve been dating for like 5 years though, you probably would’ve been shut down. Hard).

While he’s off honeymooning I’ll be doing some finishing touches to the next round of songs. Just can’t wait to share these with everyone, but more on that later.

I’m playing a solo show at Valentines this Sunday, which will be a great time. Really excited to play at one of the city’s best kept secrets. Probably expect a new song, and maybe a cover. MAYBE a cover. Geez.

Also pumped/honored/grateful to be part of Kink’s Homegrown Vol. 6 compilation. Starting July 11th (yesterday) the comp will be sold for $3 in New Seasons markets throughout Portland. All sales go to the Oregon Food Bank. Kink’s website says, “this Homegrown Volume 6 is the best compilation of Portland area artists ever.” To check out the full playlist head over to Kink’s site. Our first show in August will be for Kink’s Noon Tunes on the 6th. One of those rare all-ages gigs to get in on. Super free.

Great things are happening! Look forward to a super packed August full of free shows. Like, follow, subscribe to us for updates on the new EP, secret shows, and truly inspired puns. It’s all very punderstated. (I should be punished).

Keep checking back in. More updates on their way. Until then,

Get Summ…er, 2013!

-Chandler and the boyz.