Photo by Tom Chamberlain
Photo by Tom Chamberlain

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We recently played our favorite Portland venue, Mississippi Studios with the wonderful Thanks and Us Lights! (1.24.15). Both bands put on super rad sets to the sold-out crowd. Huge thanks (no pun intended) to the intensely cool folks at XRAY.fm for sponsoring/hanging out! The show also got a really great write-up from John at Vortex music magazine!

Check out what Vortex had to say, and see some photos from the night here.

The homie Tom Chamberlain got some really great shots of the night. Head to his site and check them out. Dude is talented!

We ranked pretty high on the Portland Deli Magazine Poll for emerging artists of 2014, which was flattering and awesome!

We’ll be taking a short break to record and get some new songs ready for our show at Doug Fir 3.24.15. with Bike Thief and Small Skies. See you soon! Until then, be on the lookout for more updates on new songs, shows, and new songs about shows.