lil’ update for our favorite fans and friends. “The Pride,” if you will. And we ALL know you will. March is more than half-way over, and we’ve made some serious progress:

Kicked off the month with our PSU show, which was great. Played for their “live at lunch” series in the Smith Memorial Student Union building. People were attentive, and cool about us taking over their lunch area. There will be footage of the set and interview within a couple weeks, so check back for that.

Photo by Vanessa Mortinson

Mississippi Studios debut last Wednesday went just about as well as it could have! AMAZING turn out! Thanks to everyone who came out on a weeknight and helped make the night so wonderful. We shredded through our set, met some great new people, including probably the nicest staff in town. Sound was huge from the crowd, and crisp from on-stage. I now have a crush on “The Studes” (we’ve played there, we can call it that now). We’ll definitely be back there again if you missed out on the fun. But if you’re reading this, you probably were there… because EVERYONE was there. Really one of the best shows we’ve ever had…. next to the time we played a battle of the bands in a high school gym for a crowd of mostly 60+ and their grandkids. (2nd place!).

Mississippi Studios 3/13/13
Mississippi Studios 3/13/13


Brady “Good” Strutz


Salem Mcmenamins Saturday night: 3 hours of just…Just Lions. We are sorry for doubting you, Salem. It was a great night at Boon’s Treasury. We played a ton of old songs and tried some new stuff out. I took a couple guitar solos. Waited for Mom and Dad to leave to play songs with swears. Had a rad time–definitely a nice change of pace.

In the midst of all the shows, we started shooting for our Monsters music video, which we’re stoked about. Might have to hold tight for the finished product, as we’ve still got a good deal more to film, plus all the editing. We’ll keep you posted. It’ll be worth the wait though. We promise. Here’s a picture of the set to hold you over for now. I’ll post more at the next shoot:

Picture of the set for our Monsters music video
Picture of the set for our Monsters music video

Last show in March will be the LITTLE ASS BOOMBOX showcase Friday, 3/22 at Kelly’s. Super pumped to be headlining this one. Lots of cool local artists, totally free. Get on it Portland.

Playing another Kelly’s show on 4/5, with Souvenir Driver and Glassbones.

We’ve also very fortunate to have “Monsters” played on so many wonderful local radio stations. It has been hard keeping everyone posted on all the different ones who’ve been playing us #humblebrag so here’s a list: You might have heard us on 94.7, 94.7 too, Opbmusic, KPSU, KMUZ, KZME, Spotify, your mom’s car stereo (please burn her a CD and put it in her player for her, to guarantee she can figure out how to hear us). Also recently got our track featured on the One-Track Mind blog. They have some rad songs for free download, so check em out.

Let us know if you’ve heard us on any of these, or any others (they usually don’t tell you they’re going to play you on the radio, so we don’t always catch it), and definitely keep requesting! It makes a big difference if the stations know people like what they are playing. We are excited to be out in the world a little more, and it’s awful nice when people let us know they heard/liked our song. Drop us a line! /comment/tweet/etc/etc. Know of any cool blogs we should hit up? DJ for your school’s radio? Let us know and we’ll send out some tracks!

We really couldn’t do it without you, the listener. “The Pride.” (it’s happening).

Also promised an acoustic video of a new song if people helped us get 500 “likes” on our facebook page. You folks were great, as per usual, and we got there over the weekend. Feel free to keep spreading the word though. Every little nod/nudge in our direction helps way more than you might think! Anyways, your butts are probably weird/tired of all this kissin. Here’s the video:


Thanks a million! (or at LEAST 500)