Hey there, Dear Reader,

Friday night we played a last-minute show at Someday Lounge with our good friend Jesse Layne. He’s doing some wonderful things right now, so be sure to check him out. After our show I headed to Kelly’s Olympian for their 111th birthday celebration to catch Souvenir Driver. Another band worthy of your attention.


Handmade, one-of-a-kind Monsters EP cover
Handmade, one-of-a-kind Monsters EP [front]
Handmade, one-of-a-kind Monsters EP [back]

While Monsters was a digital-only release, we know how great physical copies are for the commuters of the world. We brought a very limited number of handmade, one-of-a-kind CDs to our release show. People were really stoked with them, and they all sold out right away. So I decided to make another round of them. Shoot us an email*/facebook message/comment if you’d like to reserve your copy, otherwise come grab one at a show while they last! Selling them for $5, which goes right into the next round of recording. OR if you STILL haven’t downloaded the album, “pick your price” and have the songs instantly. Set it at “$0.00” and it’s a free download. Or if none of those options fit your…fiddle, We JUST put the EP up on Spotify, iTunes, and CD Baby. No reason to not have the new stuff. We really just want the songs out there, so download and pass them around!


Also excited to hear Monsters getting some airplay on KZME 107.1. They are an all-local radio station, so definitely check them out and show them some love for helping independent artists like us out!


*email us at justlionsmusic@gmail.com


Busy March! Hanging with all you hungry college cats 3/5 at PSU for their “Live at Lunch” series. 3/13 at Mississippi Studios–this is our first time playing at one of our favorite venues in town. We’d love it if you’d come out to this one so we get invited back. Next, a 3 HOUR SET 3/16 at Boone’s Treasury in Salem, if you’d like to hear new and old JL tunes alike COMPLETELY FREE!!! And last, 3/22 we’re headlining the LITTLE ASS BOOMBOX show at Kelly’s Olympian. This is a free showcase show for some of the bands that played at the BIG ASS BOOMBOX festival in January. It’s guaranteed to be a great time. So to recap: 4 rad shows, and you only have to pay for one.

We’re LITERALLY everywhere. There is LITERALLY no excuse to not see Just Lions play! I LITERALLY don’t know why this part is happening right now. Anyways, we’ll be quite busy with all that, not to mention we start filming our very first music video in March. Got some truly great people helping us out, but more info on that later.

Cool stuff is in the works for Just Lions! Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the next couple months, and keep telling your friends/burning our EP for your moms, cute cousins, etc!

As always, we really appreciate each and every one of you. If you’re reading this blog, you are a true fan, and we want to make you uncomfortable with our feelings for you.

love (uncomfortably),
Chandler, Brady, and Andrew

[“March Radness” is a play on “March Madness”…it’s a basketball thing]