Hey bros and lady-bros,

It has been a little while since my last post. I won’t apologize, not now. We’ve been busy. So busy I can’t even fit all of the good things happening to us in this blog. “Magical deeds are afoot, dear readers, magical darkness a must.”

Just had a great show at The Firkin Tavern for Talkative‘s residency. Sweaty, loud, and packed with good vibes. Really enjoyed ourselves!

Didn’t get a chance to post the wonderful photos from our Kelly’s show early April, taken by the talented and downright nice Todd Walberg. Here are some of my favorites from the night. (Couple different ones on facebook).


DSC_9183 DSC_9251 DSC_9158 DSC_9260

Been seeing a lot of designer cutoff jeans and tank-tops lately. Everyone’s loving that new-found Portland sunshine! It really is beautiful here right now. I got a sunburn just thinking about how sunny it has been and will continue to be. All you S.A.D. saps can finally smile for a few days, while us un-trendy vampire types stick to the sunscreen nightlife. (seasonal affect disorder is a serious illness and should not be taken lightly…even for one hilarious joke in an obscure blog).

Speaking of sunshine and monsters, we recently finished filming the rest of our first ever music video for our track, “Monsters.” While it’s still being edited and may be a little while before you get to see it, I WILL tell you it’s going to be rad. Eric and Vanessa Mortinson (see any live videos on our YouTube page) have pulled out all the stops for this one! We even got a fantastic (and internet famous) actress to play my love interest. Get ready to sweat, ladies–this one’s gonna be hot…fellas too.

If you’re into paranormal activity, or just want to do us a solid and support someone who helped us, go follow, subscribe, like, etc. our dear friend Sunshine:


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In an attempt to make our younger (and much, much older) fans happy, we’ve taken an all-ages show at the Oregon City Pioneer Family Festival this Sunday in Clackamette Park. Our set is at 4pm, and we promise we’ll be rockin the suburbs, just like Michael Jackson did. Free. All-ages. Nice weather. Scary carnival rides. I really don’t know what else you need.

We’re very excited to announce that our next Portland show will be May 19th at Rontoms, for their ongoing Sunday sessions. If you don’t know about Rontoms Sundays, it’s the best thing to do on a Sunday night in Portland. Theo Craig always puts together rad bills, and they’re always free. I’ve seen some of my favorite bands at Rontoms over the past couple years, and discovered a lot of new favorites.

Been getting some local love for Monsters. Big thanks to Gustav at 94.7 and 94.7 Too, KPSU, opbmusic, Kink (cool show/news to come).

Also got a couple national and international shout outs from killer blogs. Check out the love from

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