Finally had a minute to catch my breath and write about our killer week last week.

First things first. If you have yet to get your FREE DOWNLOAD of our new EP, please do so now.

Next, we are currently in the running for Deli’s “artist of the month” in Portland. We’re currently in the lead, but the other bands are just on our heels. Voting ends Feb. 5th. Click the link, select “Just Lions,” you’re done. 5 seconds. No sign-ups. You help us. We love you. Stuff gets weird. We stop calling. You run into us a couple weeks later and everything is an old joke.

May seem small, but everything helps! Spread the word, Just Lions for President!

If you didn’t get a chance to see this live acoustic video I did of our new song “Farewell,” featuring Mandy Gawf on the cello:


Onto the EP release show:

Our Monsters EP came out of the musical womb [eh…] last Tuesday, to a kind and loving room full of friends and family. The EP release show was part of the “Tuesdays at Bunk,” which by the way, is one of the coolest ongoing series of shows in town. Always $3. Always awesome bands. Sama Dams opened up the night with a huge sounding set full of organ sounds, noise, and shredding instrumentals from the band. Definitely check out the EP they have out. Great songs/recordings. Real nice folks.

After their set we hopped on stage…except that there’s no stage, just a floor. And Nobody “hopped” at any point in the night, possibly ever. The crowd was great. Loud. Smiling. Drinking. Always amazed at how many people will turn out for a Tuesday night show. Really made us feel like the prettiest gals at the ball. We played our tunes, people were vibing…or probably tweeting about how they were vibing/not vibing. (@justlionsmusic) Just a lot of vibing, overall. We saved the EP for the end, and as a special bonus had the horns section from the recordings accompany us. Special thanks to Nate Purscelley (of Deepest Darkest) and Justin Hull for adding your sexy sounds to the set! Alliteration or not, everyone we talked to was really positive about the show, and super kind about the new recordings. See Ned Lannamann’s write up in the Portland Mercury.

After us, our buddies in Violet Isle ended the night with a crisp, full sounding set of rock/pop songs, most of which were brand new. Every one of those guys is a master of his instrument–it’s no wonder they are doing so well right now.

You guys and girls mean a lot to us, and always make us feel great! You’re the reason why we put all the effort into live shows and recordings. I’ve got demos for days, and would be kidding nobody if I said pajama pants and a robe were uncomfortable, but shows like our Monsters release last week make me want to keep sharing/showering/leaving the house.

Really couldn’t have asked for a better release show! Now that that’s all finished, the next goal is to get the songs out there! Keep listening to, and sharing them with anyone who might be into them. Really helps indie/DIY bands like us a ton! Also, a huge thank you to the dozen or two bands represented in the crowd for showing support! Portland has such a rad music community. Everyone keeps saying it because it’s the truth.


Here are some pics taken by our good buddy, Cody:

Andrew is good at drums.
JL@BunkBar_Chad1JL@BunkBar_Brady1 Photos by Cody Curtin


Thanks for making dreams come true, y’all.

-Chandler and the boys.

(Now I have “let’s make love come true,” by Monarques stuck in my head).