Just keeping everyone blog-posted,

Just Lions has been working hard in the studio to get y’all some new jams! While none of them are Space JamsBill Murray Space Jam, they ARE turning out pretty rad. But you can be the judge of that soon enough! More on that later–expect a late June EP release.

Thanks to everyone who’s made it to a show this year. Been having a lot of fun playing with some of our favorite bands like Hustle and Drone, Adventure Galley, Adam Brock 4, Bubble Cats, A Happy Death, No Tomorrow Boys, The Hoot Hoots and more! More radness to come. Speaking of which…

Snoop Cosby
The homie Snoop Cosby

Really excited to be playing Holocene again, this time with our buds in Adventure Galley and Wishyunu. This is a fun bill, like Cosby. Looking like it’s our last Portland show until the EP release in June, so don’t miss out! 4/9 @ Holocene. We play first at 9pm. More details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/228040847388995/

Also, got a really nice write up from Ted at Music Connection Magazine after our show at Kelly’s a little while back. See what he thinks of our live set here:


blue man group?
Not an Eiffel 65 photo.

In OTHER news I’m putting out a solo EP of some acoustic bummer tunes of mine. Like REAL soon. I know what you’re thinking, because I read minds: “Oh great, a guy and his guitar. How Original.” But they’re good songs, and this is a different version of me. A lot more raw and honest. Maybe blue is not your favorite color, but it’s a good color still, and a nice break from the reds and yellows of the world. (Side note: blue is probably my favorite color, unless I can choose silver/chrome).

If you’re feeling generous, or even just bored, head to my facebook page


and show me some love! Click “like” and then invite friends to do the same. Every little weird hoop you jump through helps a lot more than you’d think. Just trying to get the songs out to more and more people, and eventually get interrupted by Kanyekanye during my acceptance speech for some cool award that I win because I am Taylor Swift.

Here’s one of the songs if you missed it on Valentine’s Day: https://soundcloud.com/chandlerstrutz/happy-valentines-day

I also have Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChandlerStrutz

Still trying to get more and more new songs out there for y’all to vibe with. Still taking my time to perfect the beats, and I still got love for the streets.

I like you guys.

Also I feel like I wasn’t fully honest with everyone…I said “studio” but it was actually a bunch of different studios. I hope we can be friends or whatever the hell we’re calling this relationship.