Big Ass Boombox Festival 2013 was the coolest… If you were there, you “get it.” For reference see the list of bands on their site.

Friday night we played at Floating World Comics, an actual comic book store a couple blocks from Backspace/Someday. Definitely a new experience for us–quick set up/soundcheck before the authors. No monitors. The sort of rawness of a house show…except maybe that you could breathe and move around a little. I’d been fighting a migraine the last couple days, so I was tentative at first. But once adrenaline kicked in it was all business. Lots of new friendly faces, and some good dudes from bands (Fanno Creek, Animal Eyes, Souvenir Driver, Tiger House, Reign The Arcade, and all of the ladies from Dearborn, to name a few). All ready to have a great time.

It always seems to be when there is no stage I end up having more fun. Sure we don’t look or feel as cool, like the “huge rock stars” we all secretly know we are, but everyone is there. Right next to you. Smiling, dancing, enjoying themselves. Sure the intimacy can be intimidating, but the closeness of it all always brings out the best in the band and the crowd, as if to say, “we’re all doing this together.” I want to play more house shows.

Packed up as quickly as we could and caught more bands at the other venues. The best part of the night was how happy everyone seemed to be. That’s the most community I’ve felt from a show, maybe with the exception of a PALS show. Everyone was friendly, and already seemed to know everyone else… and not just because all white people look the same. Lots of musicians watching musicians, which is why Portland has the coolest scene. Vibe. Bro. ?

Big Ass Boombox 2013
Animal Eyes obliterate a packed out Backspace


Some of the acts I caught Friday night were Fanno Creek, NTNT, Your Rival, and my favorite set of the night from our good buddies, Animal Eyes (pictured left). Played an awesome set to a packed house at Backspace. These guys are hitting their stride. Sounding crisp and huge and getting better with every show. Also some of the nicest guys you will meet. Anywhere. Definitely keep an (imal) eye…s out for them.




Huge thanks to Arya and Eiran for putting this thing together, and to Floating World Comics for having us!